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“As an author and teacher, I have tools that I use all the time, which I consider essential to this process I convey. Clients who purchase my full programs receive my book package for study. If you would like to purchase my books, the courses I teach, or any other products, add them to the cart below. 

My Programs

6 Session Hypnosis/Self-Hypnosis Coaching Program” ($2,000 USD)

6 Month Advanced Self-Hypnosis Coaching Program ($12,000 USD)

My Books & Products

$22.99 USD

This special Teacher’s Edition contains additional resources for teachers to use.

At the end of each chapter is a section called “Links or Resources for Lesson Planning” as well as a section called “Inquiry Ideas, Worksheets, or Teaching Aids,” to further promote learning by their students…

$19.99 USD

What is a microbiome?

Why is nurturing yours so important?

Can you improve your mood by simply eating healthier foods?

What types of foods should you eat and what will they do for your body?

What do your brainwave patterns and parts of your mind have to do with your stomach and gut microbiome?…

$22.99 USD

The Secret Language of Feelings gives you a rational and reliable approach to understanding and responding to your feelings and emotions.

It shows you how to create a more satisfying life right now!

You will learn how to overcome anger, guilt, frustration, sadness, loneliness and even “everyday” depression…

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